Why Nomad?

Nomad Collection Anna Maria Island, Jessica Holmes Holiday & Leah Suzor, Boutique Owners, Florida
Interesting question. Truthful answer? Because I love my friend like a sister. I love our vacations together and how we raise our kids. I love Leah's perspective on life and how she balances me. I love how we see things differently and the same all at once. Leah and my friendship was born out of fierce love for our children and out kids friendship at a very young age.

As we grew closer we started spending time together on the beach appreciating nature, all its colors and our sense of peace being together. We then started traveling and creating new adventures with our families. Everywhere we went we would gravitate towards natural art, jewelry and handmade clothing or specialty pieces, all the while wearing the exact same brand of jeans and tops. Our love of quality products that also had a sense of ownership of how they were sourced was always a conversation as to why we loved something. 

Over many years we would discuss the dream of if we ever would open a boutique and how would that look. Then the perfect space became available and over coffee in our beautiful Montana home Nomad was born.  

We are always on the same page and when one is going off the deep end the other is there to pull them up. The shop does the same. Where I am strong in design and home items, Leah is meticulous in her selections of clothing brands and jewelry. It really is a dream to have a friend who I can call a sister and our children be so close and then have this beautiful shop that is a reflection of all our travels we have taken and the ones still to come. I am looking forward to seeing how the shop grows and changes as well Leah's girls one day working in there. Life gives you gifts and I am lucky I was given this.

With Love,